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Welcome to Partytide!

Partyboy prides itself on being a tight knit group of elite PvPers on the Darktide server in Asheron's Call. We have class and skill. We are good looking, have the biggest dicks, deepest wallets, hottest chicks and overall win at life. These are inevitable, just like our supremacy on Darktide.
Partyboy - Fearless Leader
Omni-Smash - Canadian MXer
Ak Fourty Seven - Powertripping Cop
Bottled Rage - Best Tailor Suits
Soicuteem - Most Photogenic
Cirdec - That Guy You Hate
Massmurderer - RL Necromancer
Spoofy the orginal - Spelling Champion
Exodite - Irish Potato
Grey'Matter - Macro Whore
Shakinbacon - Eloquent Redneck

Ares Morae - Paypal Elite Trader
Grimfell (apostrophe) - KO'd IRL by a Pineapple
Grimfell  - LoL Champion


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